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About New Life 360

Toni Idiaquez is an Intuitive Business woman who has a heart for helping people break through the invisible barriers that are holding them back from achieving their full potential. She not only brings valuable insight into what is holding her clients back but, is able to assist her clients in massive shifts creating quantum leaps in their lives, financially as well. Toni began studying and practicing Mind Body Medicine 30 years ago, at first for herself, however, along the journey she discovered this is her life’s purpose.She holds a Master’s Degree in Science in Oriental Medicine and Certificates in many Energy Practices/Modalities.

Through working with Toni, New Life 360 Clients have received 6 and 7 figures when they were dry for over 5 years and the opportunities continue. They gain confidence in their business and life where they had once lost it. Have noticed peace where they were once anxious and no long self medicates as a way of dealing with stress.

“ Toni has been an intricate part of my business…

I have spent many years trying to create a dynamic life. I wanted to walk in my own personal truth as well as help my fellow men and women on their journey. I have practiced Islam, Christianity, and the laws of attraction. I gained more and more knowledge but still felt like there was a major component missing to stay the course. I would have spiritual experiences that made me want healing at the DNA level to stop unknown habitual behaviors. Then I attracted Toni into my life. After our first session I knew this was the missing piece of my struggles to reach my full potential. The best way I can describe my internal switch is that instead of running from the fire, I ran into the fire. Toni helped me understand my strength and value in this universe. I now know more than ever before that every shift and obstacle creates a stronger me. I feel like superwoman. Even when the feelings of fear creep in, I am equipped with techniques that allow me to move out of that mental space much faster. As a wellness coach, entrepreneur, and innovator Toni has been an intricate part of my business promotion as well as financial endeavors.

– Heather James

New Life 360 Coaching


3 month coaching is one-on-one remote coaching with Toni. With this package you will receive 4 (30 minute) weekly calls each month with Toni to discuss and breakthrough the barriers to your success. You will also receive unlimited 24 hour email access to Toni for any questions or blocks that come up throughout your coaching. And as a bonus Toni has created a Private Facebook forum for her New Life 360 clients for added support from
one another.

The value in this coaching program is over $3300 and it’s available for $1500.

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3 months condensed into a day – for those who want to get it done… Fast! In a relaxed, fun, and supported atmosphere! Laughter is a Must! It includes a full day (6 hours) of one-on-one work, in person with Toni. You will craft a personalized plan and take home tools to implement for your success (lunch included)! You will also receive a 30 minute follow-up call after your VIP Retreat day to check-in with Toni and get any blocks that have popped up resolved.

The value in this coaching program is over $5600 and it’s available for $1500.

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“ Working with Toni has been life changing!

Working with Toni has been life changing! I used to use food and alcohol to self-medicate when overwhelmed. These poor coping strategies lead to exhaustion and weight gain. I was miserable and needed to make a change. Together we developed effective coping strategies tailored toward my personal needs. When overwhelmed I now practice yoga or mindfulness to keep me grounded.

The transformation and journey has been both internal and external. My self-awareness has lead to smarter decisions not only with food/alcohol, but in my career, as well as personal life. I am truly grateful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Toni!

– Alyssa C.

“ I feel so much more centered and focused!

A lot is changing and very quickly. My voice even sounds better after our session. I have been writing about positive emotions and feeling sort of liberated, vs like a little girl who is being left behind.

I feel good like I can enjoy moving forward. I have made a lot of big changes in my life, example, I have a new job, that I’m good at and that I enjoy! I really love you and I love how much you have helped me see myself! Thank you so very much! I feel so much more centered and focused! I had a great conversation with my mom, that couldn’t have happened before we started working together. I feel so much stronger and myself! I have finished some projects that I haven’t touched in months, and I fee the true renewed energy! I got the place I wanted…thank you for helping me get over the emotional hump of me getting what I wanted instead of satisfying others! I am so grateful for you!! I know without a doubt, I would not be where I am right now without you! I have learned so much through the work we have done!

Well, holy cow!! It’s a 180 degree turn around!! It’s like the universe has opened up, and everything I was worried about is being resolved! As I make plans, all of a sudden better things are coming along! I again just want to sing from the rooftops how grateful I am for you! I am learning so much about working with my energy and moving forward. I feel big shifts when I work with you.

– Sarah B.

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